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Feb 14

Scalping involves traders buying and selling different cryptocurrencies within a short period of time to make a small profit. Unlike long-term traders, scalpers open different trade positions at the start of the day and close all trades before the close of business. They do this so that they can make small profits from each of the trades, instead of investing for the long-term to make huge gains. You can check out for more information.

For scalpers, a fraction of seconds is a great opportunity to make small profits. Scalpers also look out for appreciable price movement for them to capitalize on. However, it comes with lots of drawbacks too.

Wondering how to automate your trades so that you can have time to focus on your 9-5 job or other businesses? Then think of becoming a scalper. It is very easy to trade the crypto market on auto-pilot as a scalper; whereas, a long-term trader will find the market difficult to navigate due to market forces.

Additionally, there are what are known as “technical trading tools.” These tools serve as your virtual eyes on the market. They can tell you the precise time to place a buy order to make a profit. They can also predict the outcome of a market or advise you when to close a trade position so that you don’t lose money. All of these can be achieved as a scalper.

As far as the crypto market is concerned, every scalper formulates their trading strategy in a bid to make money. The standard practice is for scalpers to open a trade position one time every 5 to 10 minutes. The most preferred time frame for scalping for the M5 timeframe. This is because M5 is easily amendable and conforms with other trading strategies.

The two known scalping techniques are automated and manual. For manual trading, a trade must study the market movement and price direction. The trader must also track the market diligently. Manual traders may also consider using technical tools and indicators to improve their trading experience.

On the other hand, automated trading involves the use of programs or bots to support your clearly defined trading strategies. The trading bots are designed to help you reduce risks and implement trades on your behalf while you are not anywhere near the market. Most times, scalpers only pick coin pairs without thinking about the transaction side. The bots will handle everything, from the transaction side, timeframes to the exit points.